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The Facts About Montana Farm and Crop Insurance

Farm Insurance

From hobby farms to large agribusinesses, we’ve got you covered. Farm and ranch policies include coverage on your farmhouses, buildings, structures, personal property, tools, and scheduled farm equipment. It also provides liability coverage for bodily injury or accidental property damage to others and helps protect your assets. Each farm or ranch has different risks, and we can custom tailer a policy that combines various coverages to meet your operation’s needs.

 Along with Farm and ranch property insurance, we also have insurance for your farm vehicles similar to that of a personal auto policy.

 Crop Insurance

Crop insurance covers damage to crops caused by natural disasters such as drought, freeze, disease, wildfire and hail. Not only does crop insurance protect you from natural disasters and other unforeseen circumstances, but it can also protect you from poor yields and loss of revenue. There are two types of crop insurance available – Multi Peril Crop Insurance (MCPI) and Crop-Hail Insurance. Here are the DeShaw Agency, we offer both. 

Crops are the number one revenue source for farmers and crop insurance protects you in the event of crop failure. Let us help you find the policy right for you so you can stay in business after a disaster strikes.

 The DeShaw Agency is an Equal Opportunity Provider 

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